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Stuffed pork chops with bacon, apple, cranberries19 FEB

Healthy “Stuffed” Pork Chops

by Julie Bolduc

As I was preparing dinner tonight, I decided to take pictures along the way.  Something I never do!  Sometimes, it’s nice to know how a meal comes together.

The recipe was passed down from my mother in law many moons ago and I have since re-worked it a few times and made it my own.  It seems like I never make it the same way twice.

Pork Chops
Browned Pork Chops

I start by heating a cast iron skillet and brown the pork chops on both sides while seasoning them with my special spices.  Sweet and Savory!

Once that is completed, I transfer them to a oven safe dish and then cook the bacon, onions, mushrooms, apples & croutons…. BEAUTIFUL

Stuffing in progress
Stuffing in progress

The aromas in the house are so inviting, the kids at this point come to see when dinner will be ready…

Once this step is complete then, I top the pork chops with the stuffing and place it in the over for 30 to 45 mins until cooked.

Pork chops in Oven
“Stuffed” Pork Chops in the oven

Once they are ready I usually serve them on a bed of Basmati Rice with a side of apple sauce.  Yummy!

Stuffed pork chops with bacon, apple, cranberries
Stuffed pork chops with bacon, apple, cranberries

Julie Bolduc

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