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About Me

Chef Julie

Part of my heritage and identity is reflected in my cooking and catering.  Being French Canadian we know how to gather and enjoy a meal together.   

My gramma, my mother and my aunts all gathered in the kitchen to make tourtière “meat pies”, ragout, cookies, and so many other dishes.  My grampa would bake bread and knowing how much I loved fresh bread, he would bring it to me directly out of the oven. 

Entrepreneurship runs in my family.  At a young age I was exposed to my aunt who owned a bakery in northern Quebec and seeing her create beautiful cakes was inspiring.   

When I moved away from home, my mother gifted me The Sacred Book of family recipes.  Every family should have one of these. 

This is also the time in my life where I became independent and gained gastronomy knowledge.  At the end of every day, I would stop in at the Byward Market and shop for fresh ingredients discovering new food and this sparked my creativity.Read more

There are no limits to what we can create for you.

Our catering aficionados will work with you to create a unique and tantalizing culinary experience that fits within your budget.

Yummy Mummy’s Kitchen’s expert staff’s years of experience in the hospitality industry ensures professionalism, knowledge & passion to every event we cater.

Every catered event, is  customized for your personal dietary requirements.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us at Yummy Mummy’s Kitchen

Our Mission

Yummy Mummy’s Kitchen is committed to three things:

  1. Great Food,
  2. Outstanding quality & service,
  3. Making your life easier.

Whether we are catering a very special event, Wedding, Baptism, special birthday, or catering an office party, we prepare delectable customized meals that meet your personal needs, diet and taste.

We specialize in:

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We have ordered several weeks worth of meals from Julie. Some of the dinners we’ve ordered were from her were Sheppard’s pie, beef enchiladas, chicken alfredo, chicken pie, mac and cheese and vegan curry just to name a few. ALL of her dishes have tasted absolutely…YUMMY! Portions are very reasonable for the prices. Also her flakey pastries were to die for!

Julie is very friendly and more than deserving of any one giving her a try. It’s a HUGE benefit to us to have quick and delicious dinners in a very quick hurry and without the hassle of having to prepare them ourselves. Takes a lot of pressure off of us having to prepare meals on a hectic day.

We’re very glad to provide business to our local neighbours here in Keswick and Julie should definitely be something that you consider to take some of the stress of dinner options. Thank you Julie for all that you do.

Brian, Cottage Life